At Cornerstone we are committed to guiding the next generations to be faithful followers of Christ. It is our mission to instill a love for God and his word within our children even from the earliest ages. For every age group we have qualified and committed teachers and volunteers who feel called to cultivate a love for Christ in children’s hearts and to be examples of God’s love.



Cornerstone Sunday School

Our Sunday School program for children is highly interactive and fun for children ages preschool-4th grade. Here, children will gather in the Creation Kids Classroom to hear an engaging bible story, make crafts, and play exciting games to help them remember the bible lesson of the day! 5th and 6th graders will meet in “The Woods”,our upper elementary classroom where they participate in a discussion based lesson and will learn biblical principles to help them in everyday life.

Creation Kids Worship Hour

During Sunday morning worship, children ages Preschool-4th grade will have the opportunity to participate in a unique and engaging worship service totally geared toward kids! Here they will learn to worship God through song and will also be taught the meaning of communion, fellowship, and Christ’s sacrifice.
Directly following worship, children will separate into their Creation Classrooms where they will be able to fellowship with other children and participate in an age-appropriate lesson for the day.

Wednesday Warriors with the Word!

For our children, Wednesday nights are geared toward truly digging deep into the bible! Following our Wednesday night meal, children will gather in one of the Creation Kids Classrooms to learn bible stories on a deeper level and will participate in activities that help them conceptualize the biblical principles they have learned.

Creation Kids Monthly Activities

We believe that fun and fellowship are essential for our children to have a network of Christian friends, to be part of a Christian community, and to grow in the love of Christ. Family game nights, movie nights, barbecues, trips, and camps are among the extra activities happening here at Cornerstone for our children! Once a month there will be a fun and engaging activity that allows our children to meet outside of the Sunday school classroom to play and grow!

“Start children off on the way they should go, 
 and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NIV