Small Groups – Spring 2020

Help! My Bible is Alive

Ladies, Sunday @ 10:00 am

We want to experience God through the Bible. . . . We really do!  But our good intentions fall flat when reading the Bible just doesn’t seem to make that happen. What should feel dynamic and important and alive often feels confusing and boring and irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to.  In Help! My Bible is Alive!, pastor and Bible teacher Nicole Unice brings life back to reading the Bible by helping you personally encounter God through his Word.

Between Two Trees

Co-ed, Sunday @ 10:00 am

The problem of Eden is much worse than you thought, but the solution is much better than you could have ever imagined.  Between Two Trees reveals that the real tragedy of Eden is a union with death, a union that produces division and despair. Life isn’t lived under Eden’s tree of life or beneath the healing leaves of the tree in the New Jerusalem. It is lived between them.


Co-ed, Wednesday @ 6:00 am

This is an essential resource for individuals and groups who want to build confidence in God’s Word.  Think of Core52 as a fast-pass to biblical literacy, calling for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 1 year.  Author Mark Moore identifies the most power-packed passages and distills them into a digestible format for busy people who want to gain proficiency with Scripture.  Core52 is a better way to know the Bible better.

Dine & Devo

6th-12th Grade, Sunday @ 6:00 pm

Come join us in cooking delicious meals and devoting our focus on Jesus before the busy school week begins.