The Cornerstone Christian Church welcomes any junior high, senior high, or college student to participate in this spirit-filled ministry. C3 Students are provided with opportunities to learn the word of God through captivating classes and group discussions. Students examine the teachings of Christ and learn how to apply the principles of Scripture to their everyday lives. Topics covered in C3 classes include how to maintain Christian relationships, how to live a faithful life in school and throughout college, how to place God first, and how to share the word of God with friends and family. The dedicated student ministry staff leads by example to show youth members how to live faithful lives and how to minister to others along the way.

C3 Student Ministry

The spiritual growth of C3 Students is not only limited to bible studies, however. Students grow closer to the Lord and closer to fellow Christians by participating in youth group parties, trips, christian camps and festivals. C3 Students also have opportunities to obey Christ’s message of benevolence and service to others through community service and outreach. In the past, Cornerstone Christian Church students have built homes for needy families, volunteered with mentally disabled patients, prepared lunches for children living in poverty, worked to raise money to end human trafficking, and participated in many other service activities.

The Cornerstone Christian Church C3 Student Ministry provides a fun and exciting environment for students to learn about Jesus and grow in their faith.