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It’s our mission to Make More and Better Disciples of Jesus both here in Pikeville, Kentucky and around the world.

Pikeville is the City that Moves Mountains... Literally! After facing a series of devastating floods, the city redirected the flow of the Big Sandy River by moving a mountain out of its path and, thus, saved the town from future flooding. This small piece of our history is a testament to the ingenuity, progressiveness, and diligence of the people of Pikeville.

Pikeville has a rich history that is being built upon every day. Cornerstone is proud to be a part of that rich history and was planted as a church which could meet the needs of the people living in the city of Pikeville. Now, fifty years later, several hundred people serve alongside us each week at Cornerstone and we are seeing lives constantly be changed.

We love Pikeville and are so glad to be a part of what God is doing here. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Paul & Kristen Potter

Senior Pastor at Cornerstone

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making more and better disciples

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Paul Potter

Senior Minister

Clay Mitchell

Student Minister

Brandon K. Blackburn

Worship Minister
What’s New in Small Groups?

“Core52” a new book from Mark E. Moore

This is an essential resource for individuals and groups who want to build confidence in God’s Word. Think of Core52 as a fast-pass to biblical literacy, calling for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 1 year. Author Mark Moore identifies the most power-packed passages and distills them into a digestible format for busy people who want to gain proficiency with Scripture. Core52 is a better way to know the Bible better